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Thursday, January 23

Sleep (manic)

Rest your weary body and be thankful you're alive. But tonight will be a different story. Slumber's hand is not so heavy and it only takes one simple thought to invite the monster in. "Tick and tock", is all he says as he sit in my corner. All night he paints a tree with tiny branches made of words. These are thoughts he rips out my head for me to read aloud to him. These thoughts, they tire me and make me want to scream but all he says is "tick, tock, tick, tock"! The louder I fight to erase the painting above my head he laughs at me. Still, he sits and only says one thing and the words on the tree grow larger. I close my eyes and plead for forgiveness and ask for slumber to come.  A warm summer breeze comes from behind me, finally patting my shoulder. I look at the tree and it fades to a sunrise. At last I am at peace.

♥Dayija (restless and sleep deprived)

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