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Wednesday, January 1

Don't expose your children to this, it's shameful

A Facebook friend of mine posted this on their page...Go them for standing up for their belief but daanngg! There is a lot of anger going on there. 

This post makes me sad because at one time it was illegal for a biracial couple to get married. An abomination! 

I am in a biracial marriage and I have an amazing marriage! We've traveled a lot of places in found people who still think that marrying outside one's race is disgusting. Even in my own family and it makes me sad. 

I'm not angry for the words expressed from my friend's post but it saddens me.

I won't reveal their identity, that would be rude but I will post their post. 

Happy New Year! Tune into the Rose Parade today! It's a tradition in my family so I'll be watching ;-)

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