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Thursday, January 23

Sleep (manic)

Rest your weary body and be thankful you're alive. But tonight will be a different story. Slumber's hand is not so heavy and it only takes one simple thought to invite the monster in. "Tick and tock", is all he says as he sit in my corner. All night he paints a tree with tiny branches made of words. These are thoughts he rips out my head for me to read aloud to him. These thoughts, they tire me and make me want to scream but all he says is "tick, tock, tick, tock"! The louder I fight to erase the painting above my head he laughs at me. Still, he sits and only says one thing and the words on the tree grow larger. I close my eyes and plead for forgiveness and ask for slumber to come.  A warm summer breeze comes from behind me, finally patting my shoulder. I look at the tree and it fades to a sunrise. At last I am at peace.

♥Dayija (restless and sleep deprived)

Tuesday, January 21

Sundance 2014: Camp X-Ray

I didn't get to post this last night but I loved Camp X-Ray. It was written and directed by Peter Sattler. He's a graphic designer who has worked on a number of movies, including Walk the Line. This is his second writer/ director film.  

He did an amazing job at breaking down the barriers between the soldiers at Guantanamo Bay and the detainees that resided there. It was a look into another side of a very controversial subject in America.He put a human face on a subject many fear. He also included a lot of parallels that I thought were brilliant. To me, this was the biggest reach that grabbed that could have impacted the viewers. Sattler achieved the message he was trying to achieve, very loudly, at that.

Kristen Stewart is not one of my favorite actors but she did a better job in this movie. I was actually impressed by her performance. I felt as though I was right there next to her, cheering her on. I wanted her character to be strong and stand her ground. Sattler gave Stewart a chance to step into a role that proves promising to her career.

Peyman Maadi played his part as the detainee in a way that was both comical and heart wrenching. I wanted to know more about his back story but it was vaguely mentioned. I've never seen anything he has played in so I have little to compare with but I did find his performance very convincing. His acting space was mostly confined to a tiny cell and a narrow window to look out but he was the center of attention. Everyday he waited for Stewart's character to arrive for her shift and in turn I was excited when it was his turn on screen.

I would love to see this movie again. I did, however, find it hard at time to follow certain parts. The sound was terrible and I could hear more background sound than the actors speaking their line. There were also parts of the movie, I felt, could have been left out because they weren't really relevant to the message Sattler was trying to deliver but overall it was a good movie. 

Thursday, January 9

Torture and Torment

     I'm doing my usual business in the master bathroom. It's quiet and I could hear my children playing in the living room. All was well and calm until I heard a deafening screech. "It must be my two year old." I thought as I finished up. A small stampede of feet kept getting closer and closer to me. I panicked and before I knew it my two year old slammed the bathroom door open. Shutting it quickly behind him. He looked distraught, disheveled, and disoriented. Was he in shock? I still don't know.

      I asked him what was the matter. He pointed to, the now, quite rooms that stood right outside the confines of the master bath. I repeated the question, staring at the fear in his eyes. He clutched at my leg as if the floor was crumbling around us. "I just need to wash my hands!" I begged, thinking only of my cleanliness in such a terrifying matter. Was I in shock? He clutched tighter as we staggered out of the bathroom, finally. All was still in my bedroom except for the terrible, scary, five year old big brother sitting on the bed. Ready to torture and torment us!


These stories are all rough drafts and partially true works of fiction.

Wednesday, January 1

Don't expose your children to this, it's shameful

A Facebook friend of mine posted this on their page...Go them for standing up for their belief but daanngg! There is a lot of anger going on there. 

This post makes me sad because at one time it was illegal for a biracial couple to get married. An abomination! 

I am in a biracial marriage and I have an amazing marriage! We've traveled a lot of places in found people who still think that marrying outside one's race is disgusting. Even in my own family and it makes me sad. 

I'm not angry for the words expressed from my friend's post but it saddens me.

I won't reveal their identity, that would be rude but I will post their post. 

Happy New Year! Tune into the Rose Parade today! It's a tradition in my family so I'll be watching ;-)