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Monday, December 23

Take Things for Granted

    While I've been on hiatus, I've been busy trying to start a career for myself outside of being a mom. I landed my first job shortly after we moved to our new home. I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to slide into a new position with a great company.

     I quit that job on the 18th of December after being there for only a year and a half. Why? Personal issues came up and I needed to put my children first but it ultimately fell upon the fact that management was terrible. I started my career in health care with dreams of making an exceptional difference in people's lives but as I soon found out, that is not the case.

     I quit my job because I felt invisible, like people were told to do something and that was just the way things were. We were the worker bees or the hands-on people on the front line but we didn't get a say in any of the decisions. Decisions, at some times, made no sense to the ones who had to hand out these decisions to the patients they dealt with. These patients that sought refuge from all the pain they couldn't control from the comforts of their homes.

    There's another calling out there for me that I have been ignoring for so long. I was good at my job and I know I'll miss it but it's time to stop with the extra additives and get down to what makes me. The things I've take for granted because I was too worried about making enough money to get by. The answers have always been in front of my face but I've been to afraid to look at them.

     I begin my journey and hoping, that with these final strokes on my keyboard, I will rid myself of the latest devastation in my life. The latest hurts I've experienced from the hands others. Power has been used against me and shattered my spirits. I've also learned a lot from my recent experience, though. I was angry at first but I'm getting past it. I felt stabbed in the back, that I was told one thing to my face and another behind my back.

These daggers are slowly being removed and this is the beginning of a new day for me. I've got so much more potential than sitting behind that desk. And with that I feel I've let the distrust leave my is officially my past!

♥ Dayija

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