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Sunday, December 29

≡New Things for 2014

I'm in like Flynn

What do I have in works for myself in 2014?

     First in foremost putting my kids first. I'll be the first to admit 2013 was hard on my two boys. There has been so many changes for them in the last two years that it's time I focus on their personal needs and comfort. School is another goal I plan to keep up with in the new year. What's my major?

     English of course! I'm excited to better myself and finally do something I'm excited for! And it's a chance for me to go to school with my bff! We can work on our relationship and learn together! I ♥ my hubby!

     Let's keep the the blog going in 2014, Dayija. I want to keep record of my weight loss and my school progress. Maybe a little bit of random chatter that comes to my mind.  

     Excuse me, I'm watching Dr. Phil and it's distracting me...

So to wrap things up! 2014 will be about:

  • Family
  • School
  • Weight Loss
  • My Writing (in the "Short Stories" tab)  
  • Videos?
  • Spotlight on Mental Illness

Get ready 2014...I'm bringing it!


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