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Saturday, December 14

My neck, my poor neck

I've read a few post in my hiatus that speak of inspirational words or complain about politics and economies but this is not one of them. 

I'm here to type what I want so that I spend less time annoying people on my Facebook page. 

     Anywho, my neck always hurts in the morning. I've got tension and lots of stress. I've never had a message in my afraid. There's this separator in my bed, that I'm sure some of you also have in your homes, that causes my neck to become so sore come morning. 
     I've tried getting rid of it but it's too heavy. My husband is fed up with the separator in our bed as well and has tried removing it several times, but we both fail each time. I'm pretty sure my husband still gets his adaquete sleep though. 
     I don't regret this divider of beds but it's time that it moves onto its own bed. I need peaceful sleep so I don't need to take Motrin for breakfast. My kids deserve a better mom than that, right. One doesn't get much sleep because of this separator,killing my back, in bed. 
     I've been told that it won't stay there for the full 18 years and I believe that, I do but two years is too long. I want my neck to stop hurting before the first day of my second child's first day of school. My neck hurts and Motrin cereal has no nutrition, not even any marshmallows!

Sent from the mobile assistant, excuse the typos it doesn't know how to use spell check and never finished college. 


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