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Thursday, December 26

In the Beginning there was Embarrassment

     The joys of being five:
We went out to eat the day after Christmas. My five year old had done so well at his five-year check up Dad an I felt he deserved a treat for being so brave. 

Midway through the meal my husband excused himself from the table with my brave five year. When a give year old has to go, they have to go! 

Upon the return from the bathroom my five year blurts out that his dad had "farted" while in the bathroom. While it had embarrassed me, I can't fathom how mortified my husband became (even from his facial expression) in that moment. 

The tension grew in the small booth we occupied and I did what I knew best. I laughed. What was there left to do at that point? I found my husband laughing and our boothe neighbors sharing in the laughter of my five year old's unfiltered thoughts. 

I think we've officially been welcomed into the world of being five...and I think I'm going to enjoy it!

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