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Friday, December 20

How to be a mom

Background: I lived with my parents for a few weeks while my husband was out of town. 

To this day my mother will get up early, make breakfast, coffee or tea (I prefer tea) and dress my kids before her and I would head off to work. 

When I was younger I always thought that my mom was amazing and that I'd be like her. That somehow when you became a mom you gained these "super powers". You could do anything and get up the next day and do it all again. 

Flash forward to today and here I am barely cracking an eyelid to the rising sun. My kids are past out beside me because I was too tired to keep telling them to go back to their own beds. My husband is already sleep and will continue to do so. 

The kids wake up, I rummage through the pantry. Cereal? Nope. Waffles? Not right now. Oatmeal? Yuck! Breakfast bar? Well what do you want? An apple! Well those had been eaten up yesterday. Yes, a big bag I had gotten three (3) days ago is now gone. 

My kids are devastated. They're crying and telling me how mean I am. So an ultimatum ensues. You eat what I give you or you eat nothing. Cereal becomes the choice. Great because now we're down to twenty minutes before they need to be at preschool. I sit them down withe their respective bowls and grab the clothes I laid out the night before. 

Coming back in the kitchen, my oldest tells me he's not hungry. I sigh and think "Let's just get to school. No use I'm arguing." Getting dressed becomes a game of tag. One finally has a new diaper on and runs off to find his brother. I get up to chase them and grab the other brother. 

"Put your shirt on!" He thinks he's funny and puts it on backwards. Let's just rewind to the point, shall we?

After dropping the kids off twenty minutes late, I head back home and sit at the table where the soggy cereal bowl rests. "These kids are gonna kill me."

I don't know how my mom does it but I definitely don't have those super powers I so admired. I'm just thankful to get the kids safely from point A to B and when they eat, I thank God for that. 

It's hard being a mother but without the chaos what fun would that be? 

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