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Saturday, December 14

Homeless items

Does anyone have that one thing in your house that you can't throw away but you have no idea what the hell it's for? Maybe some of you have a few things like that. 

I have this bag of extra parts that came with our washer and dryer that we bought in 2007! 

This bag haunts me. We've moved several times since we've bought this washer and dryer duo and each new home we settle in here's this bag taunting me:

"Hey, how's it going? Long time no see, right. I see we got a new place and, uh, since I'm part of the family just wondering where I'll be staying. I see the kids are set up on their rooms, so you know..."

And I just feel pressure. I mean I don't want to hurt its feelings by saying you got to go. I mean what if we need it later, try to find it and there's a letter waiting for me that reads:

"Eff you! You had your chance!"

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