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Wednesday, May 2

Cloth Diapers...oh,they're great!

This post is way over due 
but better late than never right?

My kids and I made a trip to the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Utah a few weeks ago.

I think they were pretty well behaved.
First face Painting
Big bro checking out his new art!
We saw a lot of different vendors selling a great deal of green products. There was even a booth that demonstrated many types of cloth diapers. If only I had this event around when I first started a year stress level on which cute little booty cover to get would've been non-existent.

I've officially done a year of cloth diapering...and I have to say that I still use disposable diapers but I have seen a decrease in the amount of money and time spent going out for disposables. 

I really enjoy buying the WAHM brands and knowing that they're both helping our environment and local businesses! What can be better?!?

Ensuring a better future for my boys.

If you're interested in cloth diapers (even just a little tiny bit) I think that you should invest in one. Just one single cloth diaper! You would still be doing your part in helping our environment and putting money back in your pocket! 

His ticket for the raffle during the GCDC. We walked away w/ a free puzzle.

 Oh and did I mention that there are tons of giveaways in the cloth diaper community! I've received a couple free cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories! Give it a try...I promise you won't regret it. 

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