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Thursday, January 12

Happy Anniversary

Such A Silly Girl (formerly Trials and Tribulations) has officially turned one today!!!

How far we've come in a year
Never thought I'd be here today.

I created this blog to replace the hundreds of college-ruled notebooks I have stacked in my garage right now. It was suppose to be a journal of my private thoughts and stories but then I reached out when I became pregnant with my second child. I was going through a bout of depression and bed rest and what better place to go than to the web, right? A place where someone, somewhere might be listening!

Here we are, a year later, with a new look and feel! Changed name to better suit the writer's personality and two beautiful boys that call me mom!

My mind is churning out so many ideas that I can't keep them all straight!
Keep tuned in and thanks for your continuing support!


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