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Thursday, January 26

Around the Tea Table: First Name Bases


First Name Bases

What do we teach our kids these days when it comes to speaking with adults? 

I find myself asking this question a lot these days.

I have friends and I have a three year old who is just learning to speak.

Learning his "pleases and thank yous", Hellos and goodbyes" and introductions...

So what do you do?

I, personally, don't care what my child calls a friend of mine but they might.

Hey Sue, Ms. Sue or Ms. Smith!

What will it be?

Do you mind what children refer to you as? 
How do you handle it if a child says inappropriate?

1 comment:

  1. When my kids were young, they had LOTS of aunts and uncles - our close friends - because it was easier for them. Those who were friends, but not close or were more acquantences ... were usually Mr or Mrs but we let the adults decide if they wanted something else. Even today (my baby is almost 22) there are some who are still aunt and brothers or sisters from another mother/father.

    I think it should be up to the adult what they feel most comfortable with. You could be surprised what they would rather be called.


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