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Thursday, January 12

Around the Tea Table: Discouraging Moment

First sit down of the new year! Have a sit and grab a cup, this is another installment of "Around the Tea Table".

Discouraging moments.

Have you had them?

I've had my share of them and I'm not looking forward to the many to come. Times when you get so excited for the coming attraction only to get let down (and sometimes not even gently). Followed by discouraging moments, when you feel that everything you do will end in failure. That you're not "good enough".

Discouraging moments, they follow me in my sleep. And when I wake in the morning there is that tony glimmer of hope that I can be (or do) anything...until reality hits.

Ah discouraging moments...the back bone of determination! Without it you wouldn't have the drive to prove those "moments" wrong.

What are some things you do to get past those dreaded moments?

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