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Tuesday, January 31

Pin This Today

I saw this a few days ago and I've been dying to get my hands on it since!

What drew me to it? The fact that I've been watching Vampire Diaries for a week straight now. Ha!

Perfect for a blogging lady like myself!

All about grammar, and everyone knows I can definitely use the lessons!

If you have it or have read it I would love to hear what you thought of it!

Friday, January 27

Friday Funnys!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26

Around the Tea Table: First Name Bases


First Name Bases

What do we teach our kids these days when it comes to speaking with adults? 

I find myself asking this question a lot these days.

I have friends and I have a three year old who is just learning to speak.

Learning his "pleases and thank yous", Hellos and goodbyes" and introductions...

So what do you do?

I, personally, don't care what my child calls a friend of mine but they might.

Hey Sue, Ms. Sue or Ms. Smith!

What will it be?

Do you mind what children refer to you as? 
How do you handle it if a child says inappropriate?

Wednesday, January 25

Friday, January 20

Fun Friday Freebie 1/20

'Bout sums up my week! Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, January 18

SOPA Blackout

Saturday, January 14

$100 Amazon Twitter Blast

With a Boob SHOVED Down My Throat

Anyone feel like this sometimes?

You make that big decision to have a child and you think you're golden! All the dreams you've had about having a baby since you were a little girl. Baby food, diapers, rocking chairs, the numerous cute and adorable clothes you can't wait to put your little one in, etc. Only to have them broken in two, shattered to the floor and smeared in front of your face (by who, you might ask?)

Let's call them the mommy squad...or better yet: The Mommy Brigade!

Oh, how I wish someone would have told me about them prior to having my first child. The only people in the world I thought I had to worry about hearing unwanted opinions from was family and close friends but once that baby comes, sorry to say, you tend to have a whole council you have to answer to about raising your little bundle of joy.

Breast is Best, Back to Sleep, Baby Led Weaning, Baby Wearing, Cloth Diapers, Nursery Water, Crying it Out?

What in the world??? What are you talking about???

"I plan on feeding my baby the best formula out there...well that my pocketbook can afford."

"Well...I guess if you want to feed your baby poison...obviously someone does not care about their child's health."

"Excuse me?!? I just sat four months with my feet up and read countless pamphlets on Cord Blood Banking and the benefits of NOT circumcising my little boy!"

"Breast is best, ya know."

Bring on the guilt trip! Have you had a conversation like that or something similar? What about this?

"I don't think I can breastfeed milk supply is running low and baby isn't getting enough. My nipples, they're cracked and bleeding."

"Just keep nursing and make sure you have a proper latch."

"Well what is that suppose to look like?"

"It's not suppose to hurt and make sure baby has his mouth wide open. You have to hold your breast with one hand, hold baby's head with other and keep baby's mouth open wide."

Alright...Soooo I need three hands in order to breastfeed? How perfect! It's not suppose to hurt either? I'm sorry, last time I checked having a newborn latched to your nipple for an extended time is NEVER pain free. Really???

So...I got this breastfeeding thing down by the time I had my second child and boy have I learned A LOT!!! I thought I was a bad mom for not breastfeeding my first but redeemed my self with my second. Are the heavens singing yet?

Take that Mommy Brigade!

But now, I've stepped into a whole new world of criticism...Oh boy, here we go!

Exclusively Breast Fed?

Screw having nipple confusion, you shouldn't even be thinking about giving them a bottle. What kind of mom are you??? Your baby needs YOU not a substitute. It's okay for them to nurse ALL DAY and you get absolutely NOTHING done. 

"When baby cries, they're hungry, you have to nurse!"

"Well, I mean, I just fed him."

"You are starving your baby. Breastfed babies are not on a schedule and they can eat any time." 

"I should make him a bottle then."

"No, you can't make him a bottle, you have to nurse because you don't know how much he needs. Plus, your screwing up your milk supply."

I don't know where to go from here...isn't breastfeeding suppose to be enjoyable? Suppose to be a great bonding time with your baby? Well, it's been hell for me! I dread when I have to nurse in public and feel as though the whole world is staring at me while doing so.

Can't tell you how many breastfeeding pictures I've seen on social networking sites...I get it! You're a proud nursing mama! Good for you but I really don't need to see you and baby nursing in all his Monday through Sunday bibs.

I don't need to be reminded that cows don't use covers when their little calf is nursing. I don't care! No, I don't need to be reminded that men take offense to a baby hanging off a boob but drool over a model in some skimpy secret brassiere. 

Get over it and stop shoving a boob down my throat!!!

I write this post for moms like me, I know they're out there...the ones who have no idea what they're doing. Well, if you've experienced anything above, you're doing a great job! Everyone is different and have their own experiences. Do what's best for you and remember that somethings are hard to get through but life is hard sometimes. Just don't give up in your beliefs and you'll be rewarded!

But please...stop shoving...m'kay?
you know who you are ;-)

Friday, January 13

Flippin' Friday Funnie Freebie

This grandma is awesome! Enjoy and Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, January 12

Around the Tea Table: Discouraging Moment

First sit down of the new year! Have a sit and grab a cup, this is another installment of "Around the Tea Table".

Discouraging moments.

Have you had them?

I've had my share of them and I'm not looking forward to the many to come. Times when you get so excited for the coming attraction only to get let down (and sometimes not even gently). Followed by discouraging moments, when you feel that everything you do will end in failure. That you're not "good enough".

Discouraging moments, they follow me in my sleep. And when I wake in the morning there is that tony glimmer of hope that I can be (or do) anything...until reality hits.

Ah discouraging moments...the back bone of determination! Without it you wouldn't have the drive to prove those "moments" wrong.

What are some things you do to get past those dreaded moments?

Happy Anniversary

Such A Silly Girl (formerly Trials and Tribulations) has officially turned one today!!!

How far we've come in a year
Never thought I'd be here today.

I created this blog to replace the hundreds of college-ruled notebooks I have stacked in my garage right now. It was suppose to be a journal of my private thoughts and stories but then I reached out when I became pregnant with my second child. I was going through a bout of depression and bed rest and what better place to go than to the web, right? A place where someone, somewhere might be listening!

Here we are, a year later, with a new look and feel! Changed name to better suit the writer's personality and two beautiful boys that call me mom!

My mind is churning out so many ideas that I can't keep them all straight!
Keep tuned in and thanks for your continuing support!


Wednesday, January 11

Old Man Winter's Knocking

Wordless Wednesday: Winter came to visit us today

Tuesday, January 10

Rafflecopter Launch Party Giveaway

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Where would we be without this awesome company??? They've made it so much easier to enter into a giveaway! If you haven't checked it out make sure to stop by and tell them I sent you!

Friday, January 6

Wednesday, January 4

"Let the kid behind the camera"

Wordless Wednesday: How my three year old sees the world through the camera lens 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, January 2

First Monday in 2012

My first post of the new year
Cliché, cliché, cliché
I know, but lets get it out the way!

So, for the last few days I have been engaging myself in... should I put this???
"The Independent Scene"?

I came across
This site is awesome and very addicting, to say the least.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the face of this company
Giving people around the world access to things, once, never thought of

He explains it best in the intro video on his website!
Bring your talents to this site and step into something far more greater than yourself!

Ironically nicknamed "Regular Joe" Joseph has this charming feature about him
That makes you feel as though you're not only working with him but 

He's just like everyone else, pumped up with a crap load of talent!
Check it out!