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Tuesday, December 20

Happy Holidays!!!

We put the tree up kind of late this year, we were anticipating going home for Christmas but that didn't work out...My oldest was so excited to get to put the tree up! This was his first year to actually enjoy the festivities! Here's his tree:

Garland and all! My little one couldn't even wait till dad finished getting the tree completely up. Here's the finished product!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!


  1. That's a beautiful tree! The white sparkly lights are so pretty. Isn't it the best when the little ones are so excited about the decoration and the whole 'spirit' of Christmas?
    No everyone goes home for Christmas. We have a daughter in the north wet of Canada and we live in the east of Canada.
    Enjoy your Christmas!!

  2. Your tree looks beautiful and it's so sweet that your little one couldn't wait until the tree was up to start decorating. These are the memories that last forever!
    Hope you and all those you love have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I am following you on GFC! Can you follow back please? Thanks!


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