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Monday, December 5

Around the Tea Table: Is Santa Real?

Too much thought goes into this question.

Will you tell your kids the true meaning or not?
"But I don't want to lie to my children."

Who cares! 

Kids need to be kids and sometimes the magic just needs to be there! I've heard about moms complaining that their kids are growing up too fast but yet these are the same moms not telling their children about the magic of Christmas. 

Santa is just a staple for Christmas! I remember getting excited/ scared about sitting on Santa's lap at Christmas time in the mall. The little elves ushering you in line and that sweet taste of a peppermint candy cane after your awkward visit with the jolly ol' Saint Nick! The stories exchanged, directly after, between cousins of who looked the most ridiculous or what toys were asked of with the man of the hour.

Should we start to deny this experience for our children because of some horrific fantasy you had as a child? There is a point of protection we all need to exercise as parents but when do we begin to cross the line into overbearing and overprotecting?

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