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Tuesday, December 27

Projects for 2012

What does the new blog: Such A Silly Girl have planned for the year 2012?

  • More "Around the Tea Table" Series
  • My road to fame and fortune continues
  • I'll introduce you to my boys...possibly
  • More pictures
  • And short stories by yours truly! 

Monday, December 26

Launch of SASG!

Hello folks!

As promised, here's the new page!
Hope you like it!

Needed a change and this defiantly matches my personality!

Gearing up for a new year and lots of fun things coming
I hope you join me for the fun!

dayija from "Such A Silly Girl"

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Wednesday, December 21

Sneak Peak at Such A Silly Girl

Time for a change! 
When I first came up with the name "Trials and Tribulations" I was going through a depression.
Major changes in my life and terrible writer's block...
With that close behind me, things are becoming a little less cloudy

And I realized I needed a better title for the "Bleeding's of my life"
At the time I was going through many trials and tribulations 
But I think the new title best describes me!

Have a look!

New button for the website

Tuesday, December 20

Happy Holidays!!!

We put the tree up kind of late this year, we were anticipating going home for Christmas but that didn't work out...My oldest was so excited to get to put the tree up! This was his first year to actually enjoy the festivities! Here's his tree:

Garland and all! My little one couldn't even wait till dad finished getting the tree completely up. Here's the finished product!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!

Sunday, December 11

Second Project

So, as true to my random brain, I've started a new project!
The boys have begun their own YouTube show!
Not sure what all they will be doing since they are both under the age of four
But! hey love watching themselves on the computer.

That good enough for me! Takes me back to my childhood!

Monday, December 5

Around the Tea Table: Is Santa Real?

Too much thought goes into this question.

Will you tell your kids the true meaning or not?
"But I don't want to lie to my children."

Who cares! 

Kids need to be kids and sometimes the magic just needs to be there! I've heard about moms complaining that their kids are growing up too fast but yet these are the same moms not telling their children about the magic of Christmas. 

Santa is just a staple for Christmas! I remember getting excited/ scared about sitting on Santa's lap at Christmas time in the mall. The little elves ushering you in line and that sweet taste of a peppermint candy cane after your awkward visit with the jolly ol' Saint Nick! The stories exchanged, directly after, between cousins of who looked the most ridiculous or what toys were asked of with the man of the hour.

Should we start to deny this experience for our children because of some horrific fantasy you had as a child? There is a point of protection we all need to exercise as parents but when do we begin to cross the line into overbearing and overprotecting?

Saturday, December 3

Not enough credit given

Both my boys met Santa today.
How did they do?

I can honestly say that I was very proud of them today.
No tear was shed, no tantrum thrown, no screaming!
Santa asked for a high-five from Q and he was so happy to do so.
Ted was so overwhelmed by the lights and noises he couldn't focus on crying.

Christmas, what is it about this time of the year that just makes you feel so warm inside?
The coldest part of the year for the us, brings us so much closer together!

Thursday, December 1

Winter Wonderland Giveaway Event!! #WWgiveaway

"Curly Hairdo Ideas: Winter Wonderland Giveaway Event!! #WWgiveaway: <------ Please spread the love! Welcome to the Winter Wonderland Giveaway Event!!! You have no idea how excited I am to be a part of th..."
It's finally here! The Winter Wonderland Giveaway started today! It's not too late to head over and get your entry in!

I am giving away one of my Glow Bug diapers!!!! And there are lots of other goodies you can win!!! They'll be choosing THREE winners!

Have fun!