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Tuesday, November 8

Themed Tuesday

So...I'm thinking about starting Themed Tuesday when it comes to meal time. Yeah, my kids are too little to appreciate it but it's more for me and the hubbs. 

Meal time got you down? Spice it up with Themed Tuesday!

Let me head over to the local party supply store and load up on some fun little "props".

Tonight: Hawaiian Luau Night!

Hawaiian Turkey Burgers w/ Hawaiian Bread (just cause I put the word "Hawaiian" in front of everything DOES IN FACT make it Hawaiian) lol  

Just have fun with it! Get some Hawaiian Shirts on, a Lei, Hibiscus Flowers, Hawaiian Punch (well you knew that's where I was headed), Hawaiian sand in a jar...etc.

Please post ideas you have for me to try! 

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  1. Congrats on getting approved by Social Spark. Good luck with writing opportunities from there.

    Bobbie Anne


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