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Monday, November 7

Picky Eater

In keeping with traditions of being a  parent of an average toddler...I have to have my picky eater rant, right?

Well here goes...

The evidence 
Yes! What you see in front of you is a plate of muffins. They were made first thing Monday morning and this was them by Monday afternoon. My oldest thought it'd be a great idea to nibble on almost all the muffin tops. How nice of him to leave me with one muffin still intact.

I knew I was raising a good boy!

My son, the picky worst nightmare. He gets so hungry at times but his means of remedy is a cup of milk...If only we could live off drinking milk for the rest of our lives, right. But is the plate of muffins...half eaten and ruined for consumption by anyone else...

I've read what the experts suggest I do...I've been patient with the doctors telling me this is typical "toddler" behavior but really? How long does this last? My child is starving himself!!!

Muffins, chicken nuggets, french fries, apples, grapes, raisins, cupcakes, carrots (occasionally)...

You may think this is an awesome list for a picky eater...but remember I mentioned my worst nightmare?

I'm the one, in a group of people going out to eat, that says "Hey, guys, let's try something we've never tried before. It'll be fun!"


The wife who insist we try that Eggplant Parmesan that she saw on The Food Network the other day.

So in conclusion:  Kids-101, Mommy-0...

but whose keeping score...

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  1. I guess I'm lucky that my son is not a picky eater. It was my best efforts to have him try everything because my husband IS a picky eater - cant win. :-/


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