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Sunday, November 27

Around the Tea Table: White or Off White?

Wedding dress shopping...anyone been?

Well I've been spending a little of my time in this department of life and I gotta confess:

It's stressful!

I have a friend of mine who is getting married and we've been to a few stores now.

One store in particular is this fancy "boutique" in town. Where the dresses start at $1000 easy! A place that you have to make an appointment just to see the dresses. Twenty-five dollars later and your sitting in an upstairs, open floor plan with wall-to-wall, mostly white, dresses. Off to the corner sits three dressing rooms and right beside that is a full length mirror.

There are a few couches across from that mirror in which the bridal party is supposed to sit while the blushing bride dons dress after dress. A place for the party to gush over how beautiful the bride looks in every dress!

Wait! Every dress???

Okay, so I'm suppose to tell you that, with every dress you try on, you look amazing?

This being my first bridal party invite, is this what we do? Or are we honest about how our good friends look in these dresses? Hideous or gorgeous?

The consultant is there to tell you that you look your most beautiful in that blinged out mermaid style dress that would look better on...well on that barbie doll you had when you were five, maybe. The consultant doesn't care about anything but making that commission on your $2K dress! 

Wedding dress hunting...worse then buying a new car?

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  1. My least favorite part of planning my wedding was dress shopping. Those people were crazy! The most expensive dresses of course looked the best (who cares what I thought), I always asked if they worked on commission because if it was a yes then I knew what attitude to expect and blow them off :)

    A friend and I shared the same dress (though altered and adjusted between weddings, it looked completely different on me than on her!) We spent $300 combined for the dress, cleaning and alterations. So $150 each isn't bad at all!

    I planned most of my wedding in 3 months time. I picked colors around Christmas to get Christmas lights during the after Christmas sales (thus saving more money on decorations :)

    I was active in every part of my wedding. Down to the point where they kicked me out of the reception to get going because I was starting to clean up (yes while still in my dress). It was a mess from all the food and stuff! I felt horrible for being the reason for the mess and not helping clean it up.

    As I kept telling my mom. It may be my day, and I will make it my own. But I don't need to spend all my money on one day! I am sure to have several more after and would prefer not to spend all my money at the start. :)


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