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Tuesday, November 15

Around the Tea Table: Spoiled close to rotten

I had to use a little more concealer today for our tea time...What does it feel like to have uninterrupted sleep? Gosh, I've forgotten.

Hope everyone has their condiments in's topic:

Can we spoil an infant?

From age NB till they're first this possible? I've been told by family members that I have been spoiling my youngest!

You know what I say to that? 


From day one, I feel as though, I have done things very similar with both my kids. The only difference with Ted is the fact that I do breastfeed him. I had difficulties breastfeeding Q, so he was formula fed at one month. With that being the only thing I've done differently with my two kids, Ted is a very clingy baby.

How can I describe him?

Well, let's just say, if he were my first born I would not have opted to have a second child. He cries when he can't see me. He cries when I am gone for too long. He cries when he is not being held. He cries when no one is engaging him in a conversation (oh and he will talk back to you). He cries when he doesn't get a toy he wants.

What's his age, you ask?

My little mama's boy just turned six months this month. Oh how time flies. I remember this time last year my doctor had me on bed rest already. I should have known things weren't going to be as easy the second time around when my doctor tossed around the words bed rest so early in my pregnancy.

So, is spoiled really the word we want to use?

How can two boys, from the same parents, be completely different? Q is self sufficient and always has been. What he could do for himself, he did and still does. Ted, my troublemaker, can not sit in a room without panicking. 


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  1. Life's little mystery... yes, how can 2 babies from the same parents be so different?


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