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Wednesday, November 9

Around the Tea Table: Mommy Perception

So I'm gonna try this new series called "Around the Tea Table"

Have a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea and lets get this party started!

Tonight's Topic: Mommy Perception

Think about it, you don't have to say, but do you really care what other mother's think of you and your family?

Is there a certain appearance you would love for your family to uphold, especially when out in public? Around strangers?

My answer to this is, sadly, yes.

As my children get older, and I realize that these little people have personalities of their own I am faced with new challenges.

Birthday parties, play-dates, grocery store visits, babysitting for a friend, PTA meetings, athletic programs, fundraisers, etc.

And my kids aren't even school age yet!

Yes, I've been plagued with these fears that my boys will be just like the kids off "Malcolm in the middle". Sure, those boys were cute, and I think they loved each other, but do I really want to be Jane Kaczmarek's character? Oh boy...

Regardless of what people say...everyone has a degree of judging, yep, I'm included, and we try to have that perception that we're perfect, flexible, likable, understanding, open-minded...blah! We're only human.

So, I sit here tonight trying to figure out things that are going on in my personal life.
Scared, honestly, of entering into the social world of mommies and hoping I blend in...

The new girl at school all over again, right?

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