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Thursday, November 10

Around the Tea Table: Debbie Downers and One Uppers

I'm sure we all know at least one person like this.

Anything you say they are either trying to out do you or act nonchalant?

Can't you just say, "that's awesome, good for you!" for once?

Don't bring me down, bro!

  • That one person, at a party for example, that refuses to get up from their seat and won't talk to anyone.
  • How about the girl who finds a way to make her story of birthing a baby WAY better then yours.
  • The one who only eats "Organic Foods", so I guess you've just been eating garbage all these years.
  • You can't be happy that your kid is learning at an average rate, so "we don't watch TV in the house".
  • Don't forget the ones who don't punish their kids via "hitting", they teach their kids to talk about their feeling and you're the one left raising a two-year old bully.

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  1. I had a friend ask me if I was still writing in my "little" blog. Humph >:-/ She's definitely a bring you downer and a one upper. SMH. The organic foods was funny.


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