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Sunday, November 27

Around the Tea Table: White or Off White?

Wedding dress shopping...anyone been?

Well I've been spending a little of my time in this department of life and I gotta confess:

It's stressful!

I have a friend of mine who is getting married and we've been to a few stores now.

One store in particular is this fancy "boutique" in town. Where the dresses start at $1000 easy! A place that you have to make an appointment just to see the dresses. Twenty-five dollars later and your sitting in an upstairs, open floor plan with wall-to-wall, mostly white, dresses. Off to the corner sits three dressing rooms and right beside that is a full length mirror.

There are a few couches across from that mirror in which the bridal party is supposed to sit while the blushing bride dons dress after dress. A place for the party to gush over how beautiful the bride looks in every dress!

Wait! Every dress???

Okay, so I'm suppose to tell you that, with every dress you try on, you look amazing?

This being my first bridal party invite, is this what we do? Or are we honest about how our good friends look in these dresses? Hideous or gorgeous?

The consultant is there to tell you that you look your most beautiful in that blinged out mermaid style dress that would look better on...well on that barbie doll you had when you were five, maybe. The consultant doesn't care about anything but making that commission on your $2K dress! 

Wedding dress hunting...worse then buying a new car?

Sales and Spells

Turkey Day was a bit crazy...although, with a few snags at the beginning, it went rather well! 

Half frozen turkey, half cooked turkey!
Tasted good! (the part that was cooked)
Delicious Mac and Cheese, shards of glass embedded
Trash can had a great meal!

Late night shopping, early rising deals
Misleading ads, paid full price toys
Fun with friends and family
Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Friday, November 18

This is my thanks

I am thankful to the U.S. Military!

For the roof over my head, the food on the table, and the beds we lay on.

Thankful for all the opportunities it has allotted us, the places it has taken us, and the experiences we have been through. 

For the education I have been granted, the medical care I have received, and acknowledgement that I can do great things!

July 1987 and still serving... 

Thursday, November 17

Keela Bug Cloth is gearing up for first giveaway!

Calling all cloth mamas and enthusiast alike! Keela Bug Cloth will be sponsoring a giveaway over at Curly Hairdo Ideas! Please go checkout the many other items that will be up for giveaway! Stay tuned for more info to come!!

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-Curly Hairdo Ideas

Wednesday, November 16

Wordless Wednesday: 11/16

Today is Button Day...Go Grab my button!

Tuesday, November 15

This is my boy, age 2

He sitting quietly in a corner
Typical of him on an early Monday morning
Stacking his blocks,

Singing his ABCs

And watching them crash to the floor

I ask what he's playing

As I watch him stack the blocks back up
"Mommy, I play Angry Birds"

He explains this too me as he takes a toy and throws it into the blocks

This is my boy, Age 2

Around the Tea Table: Spoiled close to rotten

I had to use a little more concealer today for our tea time...What does it feel like to have uninterrupted sleep? Gosh, I've forgotten.

Hope everyone has their condiments in's topic:

Can we spoil an infant?

From age NB till they're first this possible? I've been told by family members that I have been spoiling my youngest!

You know what I say to that? 


From day one, I feel as though, I have done things very similar with both my kids. The only difference with Ted is the fact that I do breastfeed him. I had difficulties breastfeeding Q, so he was formula fed at one month. With that being the only thing I've done differently with my two kids, Ted is a very clingy baby.

How can I describe him?

Well, let's just say, if he were my first born I would not have opted to have a second child. He cries when he can't see me. He cries when I am gone for too long. He cries when he is not being held. He cries when no one is engaging him in a conversation (oh and he will talk back to you). He cries when he doesn't get a toy he wants.

What's his age, you ask?

My little mama's boy just turned six months this month. Oh how time flies. I remember this time last year my doctor had me on bed rest already. I should have known things weren't going to be as easy the second time around when my doctor tossed around the words bed rest so early in my pregnancy.

So, is spoiled really the word we want to use?

How can two boys, from the same parents, be completely different? Q is self sufficient and always has been. What he could do for himself, he did and still does. Ted, my troublemaker, can not sit in a room without panicking. 


Themed Tuesday...Left Eat!

Hi folks!

Been a bit busy the past few days but all business is in preparation for my lovely blog.
This Tuesday is a left over day, unfortunately, for my family.
A lot of home cooked meals and a lack of space for them. Did you know yesterday was "Clean Your Fridge Out" day?
Well, I thought it was today... hence the left over Tuesday...oh well.
If you did a themed dinner last week or even today, I would love to hear about it! 

Thursday, November 10

Around the Tea Table: Debbie Downers and One Uppers

I'm sure we all know at least one person like this.

Anything you say they are either trying to out do you or act nonchalant?

Can't you just say, "that's awesome, good for you!" for once?

Don't bring me down, bro!

  • That one person, at a party for example, that refuses to get up from their seat and won't talk to anyone.
  • How about the girl who finds a way to make her story of birthing a baby WAY better then yours.
  • The one who only eats "Organic Foods", so I guess you've just been eating garbage all these years.
  • You can't be happy that your kid is learning at an average rate, so "we don't watch TV in the house".
  • Don't forget the ones who don't punish their kids via "hitting", they teach their kids to talk about their feeling and you're the one left raising a two-year old bully.

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Wednesday, November 9

Around the Tea Table: Mommy Perception

So I'm gonna try this new series called "Around the Tea Table"

Have a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea and lets get this party started!

Tonight's Topic: Mommy Perception

Think about it, you don't have to say, but do you really care what other mother's think of you and your family?

Is there a certain appearance you would love for your family to uphold, especially when out in public? Around strangers?

My answer to this is, sadly, yes.

As my children get older, and I realize that these little people have personalities of their own I am faced with new challenges.

Birthday parties, play-dates, grocery store visits, babysitting for a friend, PTA meetings, athletic programs, fundraisers, etc.

And my kids aren't even school age yet!

Yes, I've been plagued with these fears that my boys will be just like the kids off "Malcolm in the middle". Sure, those boys were cute, and I think they loved each other, but do I really want to be Jane Kaczmarek's character? Oh boy...

Regardless of what people say...everyone has a degree of judging, yep, I'm included, and we try to have that perception that we're perfect, flexible, likable, understanding, open-minded...blah! We're only human.

So, I sit here tonight trying to figure out things that are going on in my personal life.
Scared, honestly, of entering into the social world of mommies and hoping I blend in...

The new girl at school all over again, right?

Wordless Wednesday: Play Room Revamp?

Does yours look like mine?

Tuesday, November 8

Themed Tuesday

So...I'm thinking about starting Themed Tuesday when it comes to meal time. Yeah, my kids are too little to appreciate it but it's more for me and the hubbs. 

Meal time got you down? Spice it up with Themed Tuesday!

Let me head over to the local party supply store and load up on some fun little "props".

Tonight: Hawaiian Luau Night!

Hawaiian Turkey Burgers w/ Hawaiian Bread (just cause I put the word "Hawaiian" in front of everything DOES IN FACT make it Hawaiian) lol  

Just have fun with it! Get some Hawaiian Shirts on, a Lei, Hibiscus Flowers, Hawaiian Punch (well you knew that's where I was headed), Hawaiian sand in a jar...etc.

Please post ideas you have for me to try! 

Monday, November 7

Picky Eater

In keeping with traditions of being a  parent of an average toddler...I have to have my picky eater rant, right?

Well here goes...

The evidence 
Yes! What you see in front of you is a plate of muffins. They were made first thing Monday morning and this was them by Monday afternoon. My oldest thought it'd be a great idea to nibble on almost all the muffin tops. How nice of him to leave me with one muffin still intact.

I knew I was raising a good boy!

My son, the picky worst nightmare. He gets so hungry at times but his means of remedy is a cup of milk...If only we could live off drinking milk for the rest of our lives, right. But is the plate of muffins...half eaten and ruined for consumption by anyone else...

I've read what the experts suggest I do...I've been patient with the doctors telling me this is typical "toddler" behavior but really? How long does this last? My child is starving himself!!!

Muffins, chicken nuggets, french fries, apples, grapes, raisins, cupcakes, carrots (occasionally)...

You may think this is an awesome list for a picky eater...but remember I mentioned my worst nightmare?

I'm the one, in a group of people going out to eat, that says "Hey, guys, let's try something we've never tried before. It'll be fun!"


The wife who insist we try that Eggplant Parmesan that she saw on The Food Network the other day.

So in conclusion:  Kids-101, Mommy-0...

but whose keeping score...

Sunday, November 6

Clod & Flu Season

I've been plagued by a cold that has broken me down.
My body aches, head hurts, throat hurts, and worst of all...super exhausted...

It's gonna be a long week ahead...

Wednesday, November 2

It is official!

I've been busy getting my creative juices going (and taking care of sick kiddos) but I am proud to present to you...

I have become a direct seller of glow bug diapers. I think these are awesome diapers and a lot of thought and love went into the design!

If you're new to cloth, I suggest trying these out!

There are tons of super cute patterns to accompany this ingenious diaper!

You can choose between six or twelve diapers sent to you in a cute wet bag. What more can you ask for? Something to wash them with? We sell Rockin' Green as well! Best laundry detergent on the market, in my opinion!

So head on over to:

Keela's Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Store