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Thursday, October 6

Versatile Blogger Award

I've never heard of this before but thought it was pretty cool!
Awards are always fun to get, yay!!!!

This afternoon Nicole, fellow blogger over at Between Two Rams, left me a comment letting me know she had passed the Versatile Blogger award on to me.

Much appreciated!!!! So now I'd like to return the favor...

By accepting this award I agree to do the following:
  •  Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
  •  Share seven things about myself.
  •  Pass the award on to fifteen other newly discovered blogs. (I only chose seven for a reason)

The Facts of Life
  1. I love to write!
  2. If I could be a food critic, I would!
  3. Reading is my second favorite thing!
  4. Learning to sew, as we speak.
  5. I'm a self made millionaire!!!
  6. Number five was made up...I've got a mind that wanders.
  7. I'm the only female in my family (including my pet).


  1. Oh wow thank you! That's so lovely, I'm rapt! My pc is down until Monday but I promise I will be onto it then. Thanks again!
    Crissy x

  2. I'm the only female in my family too! Including the cat LOL

  3. Thanks for the award! I knew my random thoughts would be of some use some day in life lol!

  4. Wow that's a cool award!! Congrats!!! I loved the 7 things about you, I can well relate to #6 haha!!

  5. Wow! Thanks for passing this one to me. I somehow missed the comment on my blog where you told me you did. I am so sorry about that.

    I love that you are the female in your family, means you get to be spoiled even more.

    And I love to read and write too!.

    I'll pass the award along soon.

    Congrats and thanks again.


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