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Thursday, October 27

For two, please!

I'm a mommy of two...Q was born with all intentions on doing "the very best" for him
Yeah, that's was a joke! Trust me...I'm the girl all my friends looked at with questioning eyes and asking "You're married?" "You're pregnant?" "What the heck?!?" Yep, no idea about mommy-hood.

But I digress...

I planned on breastfeeding and making my own baby food. I wanted to be...SUPER MOM! But I soon found out that was harder then I could ever dream. It's hard work being a mom! So I wanted to give it another try...sad to say: I felt as though my oldest had gotten the crap end of the deal. A mommy who knows next to nothing about kids.

So Ted came along and I was determined to get the breastfeeding off without a hitch!
No formula "intervention" cause let's face it, that stuff is nasty!

It was tough at whole world was turned upside down at the birth of my second. What once was Mommy and Me now became "The Lady and Sons" (Thanks Paula Deen!) I struggled with this acceptance through out my whole pregnancy, actually.

Yes, I have (and still suffer) from the dreaded "Mommy Guilt"
My almost three year old, by himself while I sit ga-ga eyes over his new little brother. So I set out on research for what my little toddle-er could do to be more involved crayons, books, diapers, bottles...

WAIT! Bottles???
I breastfeed though?

Alright so no bottles but the rest worked well...for a little bit.
But Q grew bored of that quickly and discovered the world wide web. Yes, ma'am, my boy was on the Internet (Kid-friendly of course) and we love to watch Sprout! We get up and dance to the Barn Yard Boogie and sing out ABCs...

Story Time at the library is something Q looks forward to as well. He gets time with mommy, do a craft and gets to read books. These are a few of his favorite things!

It was a struggle at first but I think we found what my son enjoys to do and doesn't feel left out. 


  1. When Judah was first born the twins had a lot of time to watch PBS and Sprout. I was pretty much pinned to the chair for 12 hours out of the day nursing and they were thankfully happy to get lost in a little Super Why! Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

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