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Sunday, October 30

Pj's Monkey Butt Trainer Review & Giveaway!

WoodworkingMomma: Pj's Monkey Butt Trainer Review & Giveaway!

Head on over to a fellow blogger of mine and enter in to win this awesome giveaway!

Make sure you read her review for some good info on this super cute trainer and WAHM business!


Thursday, October 27

For two, please!

I'm a mommy of two...Q was born with all intentions on doing "the very best" for him
Yeah, that's was a joke! Trust me...I'm the girl all my friends looked at with questioning eyes and asking "You're married?" "You're pregnant?" "What the heck?!?" Yep, no idea about mommy-hood.

But I digress...

I planned on breastfeeding and making my own baby food. I wanted to be...SUPER MOM! But I soon found out that was harder then I could ever dream. It's hard work being a mom! So I wanted to give it another try...sad to say: I felt as though my oldest had gotten the crap end of the deal. A mommy who knows next to nothing about kids.

So Ted came along and I was determined to get the breastfeeding off without a hitch!
No formula "intervention" cause let's face it, that stuff is nasty!

It was tough at whole world was turned upside down at the birth of my second. What once was Mommy and Me now became "The Lady and Sons" (Thanks Paula Deen!) I struggled with this acceptance through out my whole pregnancy, actually.

Yes, I have (and still suffer) from the dreaded "Mommy Guilt"
My almost three year old, by himself while I sit ga-ga eyes over his new little brother. So I set out on research for what my little toddle-er could do to be more involved crayons, books, diapers, bottles...

WAIT! Bottles???
I breastfeed though?

Alright so no bottles but the rest worked well...for a little bit.
But Q grew bored of that quickly and discovered the world wide web. Yes, ma'am, my boy was on the Internet (Kid-friendly of course) and we love to watch Sprout! We get up and dance to the Barn Yard Boogie and sing out ABCs...

Story Time at the library is something Q looks forward to as well. He gets time with mommy, do a craft and gets to read books. These are a few of his favorite things!

It was a struggle at first but I think we found what my son enjoys to do and doesn't feel left out. 

Wednesday, October 26

How do we do it?

Both kids are sick...
How do we do it?
One step at a time, I'm afraid.

Maybe around lunch, I'll finally eat!
How do we do it?
Oh, with lots of patience!

Wiping runny noses, cleaning snotty arms
How do we do it?
With tissues and saline.

Stuffy nose nights and sleepless rest
How do we do it?
One time to a step...

No peace and quiet here
How do we do it?
We just do!

Monday, October 24

100 Days of Pictures: Day 17

Kim Gordon
Sickness, 2009

This one took me a little longer to write
I even thought about not writing it
but not everything is happy in life
Not everything is simple but we still write

A family member of mine was diagnosed with a disease earlier this year
It punctured a hole in this perfect family portrait I had painted in my mind
With this news, I look at the world through a different set of eyes
Part of the reason I began to write again?

Whatever it was, It's made a huge impact on me in the recent months
Months I'll never forget and never take for granted

Months we still have to go.

About A Mom: Water for Elephants DVD & Book Combo Giveaway

About A Mom: Water for Elephants DVD & Book Combo Giveaway

Another fun giveaway going on. I'm in the process of reading this good, so far! Can't wait to see the movie!


Sunday, October 23

100 Days of Pictures: Day 16

Okay...besides my mama (who inspires my whole being) it's a toss up between Erykah Badu and India.Arie.

Both beautiful, black and strong women
 With the news of Erykah Badu becoming a midwife, I chose her picture.
I love celebrating black women! We are awesome and so inspiring!
We are very underappreciated...

Saturday, October 22

100 Days of Pictures: Day 15

I don't dream big...

get the courage to preform as a lead in a musical.

Friday, October 21

100 Days of Pictures: Day 14

Couldn't imagine my life without my husband in it.

Before you get married you always imagine yourself as a "whole" by yourself.

I know it sounds cliché, but here goes...
Things changed once I met the hubs.

It's like I can't function without him
Not that I'm dependent on him
More like I'm working with one arm instead of two.

Take that! Edward and Bella...

Thursday, October 20

100 Days of Pictures: Day 13

Best artist of ALL time! Mr. AtoZ himself...The Genius Jason Mraz!

On the road to fame & fortune: Possible foot in door

I need some good luck!
German version of  penny!

So, after many months of searching for a way to spread the word about cloth and help many find physical evidence that cloth is best...I've stumbled upon a super cute website run by two moms with a great vision...

So much more to come...
Cross those fingers!

Tuesday, October 18

Checking in...

Where have I been???

Busy dealing with life...

Threw a party, changed poopy diapers, hunted for some pumpkins, cured a sickness lol
(I kid, I kid)

Learned a little about my hair...things are getting fun!!!

I'll get back to my challenge ASAP...

Friday, October 14

100 Days of Pictures: Day 12

Here is my family...something I love more then anything!

Thursday, October 13

100 Days of Pictures: Day 11

My worst fear
So much so that I found a cartoon version of it. Yuck!

Wednesday, October 12

Little Love: Sophie The Giraffe Review and Giveaway

Little Love: Sophie The Giraffe Review and Giveaway

100 Days of Pictures: Day 10

Partners in crime...

100 Days of Pictures: Day 9

My mom has definitely been there with me through my tough times...A day late on this post, I know, due to being sick.

Monday, October 10

100 Days of Pictures: Day 8

1st picture that came to mind...this is how drunk clowns must see other drunk clowns at the end of the night...classic!

Food for the Soul

Picture found through Google Search
I'm on Zoloft

Been on that dose for about a month now
Prior to that I was on 150mg

My goal is to be done with it
Hopefully by Jan 2012

Writing seems to help
My mind is clearer...

Sunday, October 9

100 Days of Pictures: Day 7

My most treasured item...

This nice piece of rock! Yeah...wish this was mine

But on a serious note, my wedding set is my most treasured item...

The ring I wasn't even sure I wanted...not really a materialistic person (my opinion!) A $25 ring was doing the job for well over a year into my marriage but I guess the hubby was tired of seeing a band-aid wrapped around they band.

While pushing my one month old son around in the mall, more of a "hallway" if you ask me, he surprised me!

Told me, Ordered me! to pick out a ring, of course I fought him on it...I didn't need to waste the money but in the end he won.

On the road to fame & fortune: Upcycle? Yes

So I took one of Ted's old pre-folds and turned it into a cute little burp cloth
As if he cares what it looks like...
but it helps me practice my sewing more.

What do you think?

This is officially my second project!
Thinking about conquering a blanket next...

Saturday, October 8

On the road to fame & fortune: In the Lab

So, I had to do a little research on my sewing machine
and "sewing phrases"

I know next to nothing when it comes to sewing

Yes, I want to start a business
I want to make diapers, burp clothes and blankets

Best to get back to my sewing lesson...brought to you by Google

What a wonderful thing!

100 Days of Pictures: Day 6

My little cutie here...I'd trade places with him for a day to get some much needed sleep

Friday, October 7

100 Days of Pictures: Day 5

Well it was between this and the day my children were born...fav memory

Thursday, October 6

Versatile Blogger Award

I've never heard of this before but thought it was pretty cool!
Awards are always fun to get, yay!!!!

This afternoon Nicole, fellow blogger over at Between Two Rams, left me a comment letting me know she had passed the Versatile Blogger award on to me.

Much appreciated!!!! So now I'd like to return the favor...

By accepting this award I agree to do the following:
  •  Thank the blogger who awarded me with a link back to him/her.
  •  Share seven things about myself.
  •  Pass the award on to fifteen other newly discovered blogs. (I only chose seven for a reason)

The Facts of Life
  1. I love to write!
  2. If I could be a food critic, I would!
  3. Reading is my second favorite thing!
  4. Learning to sew, as we speak.
  5. I'm a self made millionaire!!!
  6. Number five was made up...I've got a mind that wanders.
  7. I'm the only female in my family (including my pet).

100 Days of Pictures: Day 4

My night is filled with cafemom and baseball in the background!

Cafemom has this awesome competition going on between due date groups.

Whoever has the most replies, the group as a whole, wins the contest.

What do they receive for winning?

A $100 check written in the groups name and donated to the fight against breast cancer!

Think pink, folks! Keep fighting a good fight!

Wednesday, October 5

100 Days of Pictures: Day 3

The faces you never see,

of one of the best shows on Earth!

Yeah, that diaper's over stayed it's welcome...period

Potty Training.


Tuesday, October 4

100 Days of Pictures: Day 2

Me and the hubby...very close, of course!

Monday, October 3

100 Days of Pictures: Day 1

1. I am a mom
2. I have two boys
3. I love to write
4. I'm learning to sew
5. I am an Army brat
6. I'm married
7. I breastfeed
8. I'm a strong African American
9. I love to read
10. And I "dig" math!

On the road to fame & fortune: Prototype

I made my first diaper on Sunday.
Too anxious to just see the end result

I didn't read all the directions...

100 Days of Pictures

Join me and doing this awesome challenge!!!
How hard can it be???
I tend to lose my camera a lot so...we'll see!!!

Go to Staying Me for more information!

Sunday, October 2

Thanks for the blanket!

Burning up like I'm going through menopause!
Not really sure how that feels...

Let me start again

Burning up like I'm nine months pregnant
Not really sure why.
But, yet, I continue to wear sweats in the house!

Anyways, my oldest comes downstairs
Hands me his blanket and sneaks a sip of my water

Oh! How wonderfully cold this security blanket is!
I need it for my overheated "radiator"
I go to smell it...ugh!

Saturday, October 1

Well...It's About Time

Yep, it's been official for a few months now! The Sims have come to Facebook and I have a slot on their friends list. Lucky me!!!

I love to help out others as well, sooo if your looking for friend no need to look any further!

I ♥ The Sims Social...hmmm, maybe I should change the name of my group.

Oh, you wanna know about my group???
The Sim Social-I Need Friends!   

There are some awesome simmers on there! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!