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And How!

Friday, September 30

Forever Lazy???

I am in no way connected to this company, by the way.

I just saw the commercial a few seconds ago.

Um, someone tell me why this thing looks like a giant onsie for adults.

Well I would say "Dang, that's lazy!"

But the title claims it all. Darn! They beat me to the punch!

So when nature calls

you just unzip and go!

All while staying warm and cozy.

Little Love: Show Your Stash Contest- LOOKING FOR SPONSORS

Little Love: Show Your Stash Contest- LOOKING FOR SPONSORS

The Wonders of a Toddler

My and night

Quin's at an age of discovery

Everything is brand new
Sometimes I have to remember that

You can't expect a toddler to:

Know what a worm is before he's seen it
Know the correct way to eat a banana
Know that tomorrow is only a day away

It's amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child

Wednesday, September 28

On the road to fame & fortune: First Hurdle

The sewing machine is out.
And I don't want to disappoint my family.

I've begun practicing my stitching again.
I want to make pillows!!!
Wipes, blankets, and diapers!

First test subjects:
The family...

Monday, September 26

On the road to fame & fortune: Doubt

It haunts me...

My ideas are never my own...

People can do things with a lot more "grace" then me

Maybe I'll be this today, maybe I'll be that

Today's thought:

I'm gonna make my own diapers and sell them.

Not to become healthy, wealthy and wise

but just to get a little bit more money in my pockets.

Thus, the journey begins!

Sunday, September 25

Hard Times

I can't quiet figure out why mothers are so hard on each other.

I mean, we have so many other stresses to deal with why should we add to that?

I can't understand how you can deal with a significant other, your own children, and then go around and judge other moms...

We can do better...

Saturday, September 3

E-Reading HELL!

Oh boy...trying to figure out my new pandigital novel is insane!!!

My head hurts and I feel close to throwing it in the trash.
The only reason I really wanted it was so that I could read the rest of the Twilight Saga in a more comfy position.

Yeah, dished out all that cash to finish a book and a half.

Getting that equipment set up remind me of an episode of the Simpson's where Homer buys a brand new computer, Lisa gets home to see that it's in the trash lol...I'm Homer.